The Verdisian Government expresses solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and the official stance of the Verdisian Government regarding the war in Ukraine is that we stand with Ukraine. We continue to send our love and support to the people of Ukraine, and we heavily condemn the Russian Federation for the attack on Ukraine.

As a small country, Verdis usually maintains neutrality throughout almost all world conflicts in hopes to maintain friendly relations and dialogue with all countries of the world, but this time we are breaking neutrality to express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Like the Council of Europe, we have also designated Transnistria, a region in Moldova, as a Russian Occupied Territory.

As a result of the conflict in Ukraine, we will also be imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus by banning Russian and Belarusian citizen’s from the use of services powered by Verdisian registered businesses. Citizens of both the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus will also be ineligible to register as an e-Resident with Verdis’ upcoming e-Resident scheme. While we understand that sanctions from such a small country will have almost little to no effect, its the principle that counts.

The Free Republic of Verdis expresses solidarity with Ukraine and stands with Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini.