Posted time March 26, 2022

With Verdis constantly expanding in efforts to gain international recognition, the Verdisian Government is now allowing citizens to apply to work as a Representative of Verdis toward the country they reside in. Verdis is actively working towards international recognition from UN member states, especially from the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia. A primary representative serves as the de facto Verdisian Ambassador in a country that has not yet established official diplomatic relations with Verdis.

Representatives manage and attend events and missions in the country they reside in, while also working with Verdisian Citizens that live in the same country. This allows a foreign office for Verdisian Citizens to ask for any advice if in a time of need. You will also promote Verdis in the country you reside in by creating social media, attending events, etc.


  • If you are a Verdisian Citizen and reside in or close to a city of another country, you are eligible to apply to work as a voluntary Secondary Representative of Verdis in the country you currently reside in.
  • You will be asked to provide a résumé (CV)
  • You will be asked to show a valid ID such as a passport
  • You will be asked to show proof of your address

As a representative, you will  be issued:

  • A Representative’s email ([email protected])
  • A representation page (e.g.
  • Funding (only if needed to go to an event)
  • Verdisian Passport (only if requested, will cost 80 USD as passports are limited at this time)
  • Access to 24/7 ministry support

If you are interested in working as a Secondary Representative, please email [email protected] for a list of questions and further information.