Free Republic of Verdis


We are beginning to make more efforts to boost state funds and speed up Verdis’ legal processes, awareness, and other essential government functions. We primarily run on crowdfunding at this time.

As part of the beginning of new efforts to boost state funds, we have made a few changes to our e-Residency program, where people can begin their pathway to citizenship and our Republic Shop, where you can buy a Verdisian flag, patches, and more.

Changes to e-Residency

Some e-Residents can now obtain citizenship a month before their renewal date leading up to their second year. e-Residents can check if they will be eligible for early citizenship by contacting [email protected].

We have also lowered the price of obtaining e-Residency from 100 Euros to 50 Euros, with all the mentioned benefits still included.

You can read more about the e-Residency program by clicking here.

Republic Shop

We have made more products available on the Republic Shop, including an unofficial flag design that contains the Coat of Arms to prevent confusion. By purchasing flags and other Verdisian symbolism, you can show your support in person and by boosting the country’s funding.

You can visit the Republic Shop by clicking here.

General donations

If you want to donate, you can do so by clicking here. We greatly appreciate all donations as every cent counts at the moment.

Verdis officials do not profit from any sales. All funding goes back into the functions of the government.

Verdisian Government