Free Republic of Verdis

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A small country in Southeast Europe dedicated to democratic values, reconciliation of ethnic groups, modernisation, the environment, and many more goals.


On Thursday, October 12th 2023, Croatian authorities violated international law by entering the territory of the Free Republic of Verdis

What is Verdis?

The Free Republic of Verdis is a small sovereign state in Southeast Europe, between Croatia and Serbia, along the Danube river. Verdis was proclaimed on the 30th May 2019.

The official languages are English, Croatian and Serbian, and the country is currently running under a provisional government while it develops.

  • Verdis is environmentally conscious
    Verdis aims to be an environmentally sustainable country encompassing a wide range of initiatives and objectives aimed at minimising its ecological footprint while promoting responsible and sustainable practices.
  • Everyone has a voice in Verdis
    Everyone in Verdis has a voice, free from government oppression. Our laws are written to protect our citizens and their fundamental human rights. In Verdis, everyone is seen as equal regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, etc.
  • Verdis is working to reconcile ethnic groups
    Verdis is working to foster reconciliation between ethnic groups aiming to heal historical divisions and promote inclusive society.
  • Verdis is aiming for recognition
    The Verdisian Government wants the Free Republic of Verdis to be recognised as an independent sovereign state by the rest of the international community.

Status in nationbuilding

Everyday, the country is making significant progress in development. This ranges from progress in working towards recognition from UN member states and becoming more involved in the international community, to assisting with humanitarian aid, and development on the land itself.

Unfortunately, as a result of the actions committed by Croatian authorities on the 12 October 2023 which were a clear violation of international law, some development has been slowed.

The Verdisian Government is actively working to address and handle this situation through diplomacy, legal means, and communication with the international community, however, it will take time. The Verdisian Government is focused on building friendly relations with its neighbours as an important step in nationbuilding.

Verdis is actively working with its representatives and partners to spread awareness of the situation and get Croatian authorities to respect Verdis’ territorial integrity and right to land under international law.


How can I get involved?

Listed below are just some of the many ways to contribute to Verdis’ development.


An easy way to contribute to Verdis and obtain citizenship is to start off as an e-resident and begin the ‘citizenship through e-residency’ pathway.


As an independent sovereign state, Verdis requires funding to upkeep systems and governance of the country.


Spread the word about Verdis by creating and sharing posts on social media. The more who know about Verdis and its values, the better.


Show your support by joining us at public events like protests dedicated to awareness about the illegal blockade of Verdis by Croatian authorities.

Why should I get involved?

Developing a newly formed country isn’t easy, and Verdis needs as much support and contribution as possible in order to be able to achieve our goals in nation-building. Verdis is portrayed positively in media all around the world, especially for the country’s ethics and ambitions. We need your help and support to keep Verdis moving forwards, whether thats by donating, attending events, or offering to help us with your skillset.

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