Invest in Verdis

A small European state with endless opportunities and potential.

“As a small but new country, Verdis seeks to be attractive for investment with many benefits, all the way from digital startups to land funds for future projects.”

Daniel Jackson, President of the Free Republic of Verdis

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Benefits for investors

As a young country, Verdis is in need of investors to assist with the developing and further nation-building. In return, Verdis plans to provide investors the following benefits:

  • Verdisian citizenship
  • Verdisian land through a land fund once inhabitance of the claim has begun
  • Ability to operate global business from Verdis (once company laws have been released)
  • Reservation of a business name
  • Further development of a great digital startup environment
  • Investors will receive preferential treatment when distributing land ownership begins
  • Free domain

The Verdisian Government is actively working to bring more, and more investment opportunities and benefits. This will increase as the state progresses in nation-building.

Contact us​

If you are interested in investing in Verdis, have any additional questions, or want to learn more, please contact us at [email protected], and you will be directed to the correct department.