Free Republic of Verdis

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As a result of the actions committed by Croatian authorities in Verdis on the 12 October 2023, this page is now outdated. Please refer to the #StandWithVerdis website for more information.

Verdis intends to bring permanent inhabitants in to the country before the end of 2024. Inhabitants will consist of 10-12 volunteers with the skills of defence, building, survival, land clearance and medical looking forward to the long-term benefits of Verdis once it has become a fully developed state.

This step is vital for Verdis and will allow the state to progress heavily in nationbuilding by finally having permanent inhabitants on the territory assisting with ground clearance, protection and temporary infrastructure. We are actively searching for inhabitants and invite anyone with the appropriate skills to contact us.

We are actively seeking individuals who possess a passion for utilizing their skills in community building and off-grid systems. As Verdis moves towards becoming a fully developed state, these skills are of paramount importance in shaping a sustainable and thriving society.

Benefits of living in Verdis
  • As one of the first inhabitants, you will be fast-tracked for citizenship which will allow you to live in Verdis permanently without a visa. This will also be beneficial long-term as we progress in relations with other sovereign states.
  • You will help develop an ethical country dedicated to humanitarian work.
  • You will participate in constructing an energy self-sustaining community while gaining valuable insights into living in an off-grid and remote location.
  • You will live with a like-minded community of fellow Verdisian citizens
  • Potential job opportunities in upcoming Verdisian industries.
Important factors to be aware of
  • You are responsible for your own health provisions in the Free Republic of Verdis. You will not receive any state support if you are injured.
  • People cannot visit Verdis without being a citizen or receiving a visa. Verdis plans to be open for tourism once enough land clearance and development progress has been made.
  • Verdis’ justice system will be in force under the Verdisian Government’s basic laws.
  • You will be asked to sign an NDA and give consent to a background check.
  • You will be asked to read and sign a contract including a liability waiver prior to inhabiting Verdis.
  • Verdis will not be responsible for any visa or travel issues based on your resident country. You must be able to transit through Croatia or Serbia without issue.

Looking to volunteer as an inhabitant? Contact us at [email protected]

If you are not interested in becoming an inhabitant of Verdis but want to support the project, all donations are greatly appreciated and can be made by clicking here.

Information for investors

Benefits of investing
  • You may be granted citizenship by investment.
  • You or your brand will be featured in any associated media.
  • You are backing a project that is focused on ethics and sustainability.
  • Business registration within Verdis will become available.
  • A portion of land will be reserved for your business development in Verdis.
Project requirements

To bring this goal to life, we require investments allowing us to acquire the important items such as the following listed below.

  • Accommodation facilities
  • Sanitation and cooking facilities
  • Essential infrastructure (building and utilities)
  • Satellite internet connection
  • Transportation costs
  • Construction tools / land clearance equipment

Interested in investing? Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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