What is e-Residency

Verdis offers e-Residency, a service that provides access to Verdis’ transparent business environment. e-Residents can start a Verdis based company and manage their business from anywhere in the world with internet, entirely online, including managing shares within your business.

As an e-Resident, you can also access Verdis’ e-Resident forums and many online services and benefits provided by the Free Republic of Verdis to help you establish your Verdisian business. By starting a business as an e-Resident in Verdis, you can also help by reducing bureaucracy and going paperless.

As Verdis is a young and newly founded country, your business can bring forward many potentials as the country continues to progress and grow.

Who is eligible to become an e-Resident?

Verdis invites anyone in the world (except for citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus) to apply for Verdisian e-Residency as long as they fit the following requirements:

  • You have good intentions and will respect Verdisian law
  • You have a clear understanding of why you are applying for Verdisian e-Residency and how you plan to use it.
  • You are not a Verdisian citizen or a foreign citizen residing in the Free Republic of Verdis on a residence visa or have the right of residence.
  • You understand that e-Residency does not allow you to live in the Free Republic of Verdis



  • Background checks: All applicants for Verdisian e-Residency will undergo background checks conducted by the Verdisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages the entirety of the application process to make sure that e-Residency is being applied for by a verified person with good intentions. You will be asked a number of security questions and be required to show a valid form of ID and proof of address before going forwards.
  • Travel: e-Residency status does not allow you to enter any foreign country, including Verdis.
  • Transparency: In Verdis, a large amount of information about Verdisian companies is publicly available including the company name, registry number, legal address, contact details, names and surnames of representatives of the company, annual reports, paid taxes, taxable turnover and the number of employees in your company. This information being available, like many other countries, helps Verdis have a transparent and trusted online business environment.
  • Tax and Laws: Many laws are expected to change over the next few years which includes changes in our laws surrounding tax. When these changes are announced, they will not come into action until at least 4 months after the announcement.

You can apply for Verdisian e-Residency here: