Free Republic of Verdis


A program with many benefits, including a pathway to citizenship, while supporting both yourself and the republic.

What is e-Residency?

Verdis offers e-Residency, a service that provides the ability for you to easily register and manage a business, begin your pathway to citizenship, interact with a community of incoming citizens and business owners, receive an e-Resident card allowing you to attend specific Verdisian events online and in-person for free, and many other features.

As Verdis is a young and newly founded country, your proposals, businesses and contributions can bring forward many potentials as the country continues to progress and grow.

If you are a citizen, you are also automatically an e-Resident and can register on the e-Resident portal.

Benefits of e-Residency

These are just some of the benefits that e-Resident’s have access to.

Pathway to citizenship

After 1 year of e-Residency, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship. More information about this pathway is located further down this page.

(e-Resident Plus only)


You will have access to the e-Residency forums, which allows you to chat with other like-minded e-Residents, and citizens.


As an e-Resident, you can apply to register a digital Verdisian business, with many benefits to help you get started. Further information about this can be found below.

€25 / year

Basic is our cheapest e-Resident plan available. It is great plan for people who are not interested in citizenship but want access to services such as discounted hosting to help with your business or portfolio.

€50 / year

Plus is our higher e-Resident plan available. With Plus, you get all features that come with Basic, and you also get access to the ‘citizenship by e-Residency’ pathway.

Pathway to citizenship by e-Residency


e-Residents are eligible to apply for Verdisian citizenship once they have fulfilled the standards below. Applicants will be charged a one-time processing fee of €300. It must be noted that you can still be declined after paying the processing fee, and you will not be refunded.

If you are unsure on whether you might be eligible for citizenship or not, please contact [email protected] and your history with the country will be reviewed by an official. You will not be subject to a fee for this review.

In rare circumstances, you will not have to pay the processing fee at all, or you can be fast-tracked depending on your contributions or Verdis’ increasing demand for people who are seen as extremely beneficial to the country.

You must achieve the following before applying for citizenship through e-Residency:

  • Have proof of at least 2 Verdisian citizens willing to vouch for you in your application or complete a DBS check in the country you reside in.
  • You have been active in the forums throughout the year.
  • You must have been an e-Resident for at least 11 months.
  • You must be willing to relocate to Verdis in the future.

Business benefits

As an e-Resident, you can apply to register a digital Verdisian business. You will obtain access to the (any-name) domain and receive free website hosting for up to a year, which you then have to either pay a monthly fee for, or use a hosting company.

(Business applications are temporarily closed, although you can still register and use a domain, and reserve a business name before applications reopen)

Domain registration is managed by VerdisHost, a state-owned entity.

Frequently asked questions

No. As an e-Resident, you are only entitled to use the services listed on the e-Residency website. You are not a citizen and therefore still subject to certain visa requirements depending on your nationality.

Foreign nationals can purchase e-Residency for €25, €50 or €100 per annum depending on the plan. Citizen’s are exempt from having to pay the fee to access the e-Residency scheme. This does not include fee’s for running a business. You can pay this fee on the e-Residency portal on the “Make a Payment” page.

Information for when you apply

Some of the questions you’ll be asked in your e-Resident application:
– Your Full Name
– Your Address
– Date of Birth
– Country / Region of Birth
– Nationality
– Security Questions (e.g. Have you ever possessed and lost Verdisian e-residency or citizenship?)
– If your application is suspicious, you might be asked to further prove your identity.

Application Fee for e-Resident Basic: €25 EUR (yearly)
Application Fee for e-Resident Plus:
€100 EUR €50 (on sale, for the first year only)

If you have any further questions before applying, please contact [email protected]