Free Republic of Verdis


Today, the President and a few other Verdisian citizens travelled by boat to the country’s waters for the first time since the illegal invasion of Verdis committed by Croatian authorities in October 2023. The President was unable to step on to the land itself due to Croatian authorities illegally blockading anyone from stepping on the land. A Verdisian flag was left on a branch along the coast.

The trip was made to show that the Verdisian Government is still completely committed to being back on the land as soon as possible, and that we will not give up our efforts to pressure Croatia to abide by international law, and let us back on to our land. Verdis continues to function and exist as an independent sovereign state, even during exile.

We want to be very clear that we still want to build friendly relations with the Republic of Croatia, and begin mutual cooperation on important matters such as border control between the Republic of Croatia and the Free Republic of Verdis.

The President is now back in the Republic of Serbia.

Verdisian Government