Free Republic of Verdis


Due to increasing requests for e-Residency to be split into two plans, we now offer e-Resident Basic, and e-Resident Plus. You can view the differences between ‘Basic’ and ‘Plus’ on the e-Resident services page.

Effective immediately, all existing e-Residents will now be on ‘e-Resident Plus’, meaning they keep all previous benefits at no extra cost.

‘Plus’ members may now be eligible to apply for citizenship after 11 months instead of 12 months.
‘Basic’ members do not have access to the citizenship by e-residency pathway.

Difference between ‘Basic’ and ‘Plus’ as shown on e-Residency program page

We have also changed the style of e-Resident plastic cards. Individuals on either e-Resident plan are entitled to their first e-Resident card without any costs or shipping fees. e-Residents who have had their card requests approved but have not yet received notification of shipping will be getting the new design.

We are also now looking into producing an e-Resident membership booklet. If produced, this passport-style booklet will only be available to ‘Plus’ members, and cannot be used for travel.

More positive changes to the e-Residency program will be coming over the next few months.

Verdisian Government