Free Republic of Verdis


Since the illegal invasion of Verdis committed by Croatian authorities on 12 October 2023, we have worked around the clock to spread awareness of the situation and take things to legal. We are actively seeking more support from the international community and urging citizens and supporters to continue to #StandWithVerdis during this challenging period.

Below is a list of ways to support Verdis

Share on social media

Posting about our country and the ongoing situation while using the #Verdis and #StandWithVerdis tags helps to spread awareness online. The more who know about the situation, the better.

We also have a website that displays all the necessary information about the October 12 events.

There are also plenty of news articles to share about the situation.


Despite the situation, Verdis continues to operate as an independent sovereign state, with the government working around the clock in nation-building. Because of this, the country still requires funding which is used for legal, spreading awareness, documentation, and other important budgets to run the country. We appreciate all donations that are made to help the country in nation-building.

You can donate here.

You can also help Verdis’ economy by becoming an e-Resident or a citizen by investment.


If you’re part of any educational institution that specialises in international law, we invite you to provide an impartial analysis of Verdis and its right to the land under international law. Public legal analysis could greatly contribute to Verdis in nation-building and further pressure Croatia to stop illegally occupying the land. Your insights will be invaluable in clarifying the complexities of our situation.


We will be organising protests. If you are interested in joining one, they will be posted on government social media accounts or you can organise your own. We also ask supporters and citizens to write letters of protest to Croatian authorities and embassies.

A protest in London is expected to be announced soon.

Sign the petition

Signing and sharing this petition helps us to spread awareness about the situation and put public pressure on Croatia. This petition may also be used to ask the European Union to stop funding Croatian Border Police as settlers were illegally detained on EU-funded boats, a clear misuse of European aid.

These are just a few of the many ways to help support Verdis and pressure Croatia to stop violating Verdis’ territorial integrity.

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support so far. We will continue to do everything we can to resolve this situation. We will not give up.

Verdisian Government