Free Republic of Verdis

Vision & Values

As a sovereign country, our visions and values are to:

  • Allow citizens to achieve their life goals with the help of the Verdisian Government.
  • Become one of the world’s most environmentally conscious nations.
  • Reconciliate ethnic groups in and surrounding the region. People in Verdis should always be treated equally, regardless of their nationality, race, religion, ethnicity, etc.
  • Focus on the future of the world bringing in modern solutions to problems, modernize governance, banking, education, and more.
  • Create a society of safety, freedom, and full protection over free speech and other rights.
  • Build a pragmatic government designed and led by citizens, for citizens.
  • Gain enough international recognition, funding, and planning to establish a permanent inhabitance on our land claim.
  • Gain international recognition from recognized countries within the United Nations and European Union.


One of our largest goals is to accomplish international recognition from already recognized sovereign states such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Croatia, and France. We believe that recognition from at least one recognized state could lead us a long way in achieving our goals.

We also plan to work towards more funding through crowdfunding from individuals, businesses, and more. We believe that the more funding we receive, the closer we get to reaching and successfully fulfilling our goals.

We hope to set an example for future and present nations in terms of reconciliation of ethnic groups, building new services, building more environmentally conscious plans and infrastructure, and helping to establish more human rights. We want to show how a sovereign state can function under our goals and vision while being completely environmentally conscious and largely humanitarian, hoping that other nations will follow in our footsteps to make the world a better and more secure place.

We want to assist each Verdisian Citizen to achieve their life goals. We plan to aid our citizens in any way that we can in order to develop a nation of human rights with a pragmatic Government designed and led by citizens of Verdis, for the citizens of Verdis.