Free Republic of Verdis

New Vice President appointed

23/04/2023 On the evening of the 22nd of April 2023, Hector Bowles was appointed as Vice President of the Free Republic of Verdis. This appointment comes as part of cabinet reshuffling, and as Verdis heavily begins to work towards furthering the inhabitance of the country. On behalf of the rest of the Verdisian Government, we […]

Release of myGov

18/04/2023 Today the Verdisian Government released myGov, a portal allowing Verdisian citizens and e-residents to easily access government services digitally. This portal replaces myServices. While the portal has been released, many more services and useful pages will be added to the portal over the next few weeks. Citizen’s and e-residents are encouraged to register on […]

Easter statement

09/04/2023 On behalf of Verdis’ Government, we would like to wish a Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates the event. Verdisian Government

Investment opportunities to open

28/03/2023 Over the next few weeks, investment opportunities are to officially open. A webpage has been released stating some of the benefits with more to come as Verdis’ nation-building progresses. You can read more by clicking this link. If you are interested in investing, please contact the Government through the email mentioned on the webpage […]

Tourist site revamped

20/03/2023 As part of an initiative to begin more tourist trips to Verdis, Verdis’ tourism site ( has been revamped. From there, you can also access a marketplace allowing you to buy Verdisian flags, and more.

On this date, 1 year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine

24/02/2023 On the 24 February 2022, exactly one year ago, the Russian Federation escalated their ‘military operation’ in Ukraine into a full-blown war. The Verdisian Government continues to express solidarity with Ukraine and continues to recognise Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty and right to land. Our thoughts continue to be with Ukraine, and the people of Ukraine. […]

President and Foreign Minister make trip to Verdis

23/02/2023 On 23 February, President Jackson and Foreign Minister Budetić made a trip to Verdis. Another Verdisian flag was left in the republic and further land surveying progress was made. Conversations were also held with locals in nearby Aljmaš after the trip, which have shown a great deal of intrigue at the idea of Verdis. […]

Representative expansions

18/02/2023 The Verdisian Government has officially accelerated the process of hiring new Primary and Secondary Representatives. You can view information regarding these positions with the links below. Verdisian Government

Representative sites repaired

10/02/2023 Due to the former outage a few months ago, some Representative sites under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs domain experienced downtime. All sites have now been repaired and are fully functional. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. For more information regarding representations, please visit Verdisian Government

Statement on the earthquake in Turkiye

07/02/2023 After hearing about the terrible and devastating earthquake in Southeast Turkiye, our thoughts are with Turkiye and the Turkish people during this difficult time. Verdisian Government