Second Outage Statement

As of 26 November 2022, all outage issues have now been resolved and all services are functioning normally. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the outage. If you encounter any errors on any websites run by the Verdisian Government, please contact [email protected]

Outage statement

Since 18 November 2022, the Verdisian Government and Domain Authority has been experiencing outage issues that have affected national portals, government emails, and other services including essentials. Most essential services are now back online including the national website and primary emails, although many department sites are still down. We are actively working with our… Release

As of 14/10/2022, the Verdisian Government is officially easing the requirements to register a domain. is used as a temporary alternative while Verdis continues to work towards obtaining the .vs ccTLD. is still in a testing phase. It is restricted to only Verdisian citizens, residents, e-residents, and Verdisian registered businesses. You can…

New National ID cards released

03/08/2022 The Verdisian Government have officially re-released National ID cards under an entirely new design. These cards can be ordered by Verdisian citizens (and soon e-Residents) on the myServices portal Applying for a Verdisian National ID card does come with a fee although this fee is expected to be reduced over time as demand increases.

Email Technical Issues

01/08/2022 Due to ongoing technical issues, the Verdisian Government is currently unable to send emails to and addresses due to a false restriction. We are working to get Microsoft to resolve this issue for us. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Visit Verdis released

On the 14th July 2022, the tourism site Visit VS (Visit Verdis) was officially released. This site displays information about how visit Verdis, along with things to do with Verdis. More is to be added to the site soon including information about nearby accommodation, cost of trips up to Verdis, and much more. You can…

Ministry of Culture renamed

As of 18/06/2022, the Ministry of Culture has been renamed to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order for the ministry to also work on managing and promoting tourism in the Free Republic of Verdis. The Minister position has also been retitled.

Verdis celebrates 3 years

Today Verdis celebrates 3 years since its founding. A foundation day website has been released.

New Minister of Culture appointed

On the 22 of May 2022, the Interim President appointed Christian Newton as the now incumbent Minister of Culture of the Free Republic of Verdis.