Free Republic of Verdis

Domain registration open for e-Residents and citizens

25/11/2023 As part of our efforts to increase Verdisian digital cooperation and business, e-Residents and citizens can now register a “” domain free of charge. This service has been provided by the state-owned VerdisHost. is Verdis’ temporary ccTLD until .vs has been activated. Further information including the application form can be found on the […]

Website re-designed

07/11/2023 As part of a process to make our national website more accessible and informative, we are glad to announce the release of our re-designed website. The website has also been modified with new information more fitting to the current situation. Verdisian Government

Statement on the invasion of Verdis by Croatian authorities

On Thursday, October 12th, the Croatian border police broke international law by entering the territory of the Free Republic of Verdis, where they began to harass settlers. They awaited the return of President Jackson, who was helping to collect fuel in Aljmaš, to question him and other settlers. Subsequently, President Jackson and several settlers were […]

Release of Early Settler Visa

23/09/2023 Today we are glad to announce that we have opened visa applications (ESVISA) for individuals interested in settling in Verdis next month. This visa allows voluntary settlers to be accelerated for citizenship if they settle in Verdis between 11 October 2023 to 30 October 2023. You can learn more and apply for an ESVISA […]

Inhabit Verdis project released

31/07/2023 Today the Verdisian Government officially initiated the Inhabit Verdis project seeking to attract investors, donors, and individuals looking to develop Verdis. You can read more about the Inhabit Verdis project here: Verdisian Government

Verdisian land surveying continues

08/07/2023 Today, the Verdisian Government took significant steps to enhance land surveying activities within the country, aiming to identify suitable locations for infrastructure development and other essential requirements. Land surveying plays a crucial role in urban planning, construction projects, resource management, and various other sectors that require accurate information about the land and its features. […]

Creation of Verdis Red Cross

26/06/2023 The Verdisian Government supports and recognises the creation of the Verdis Red Cross as the official Red Cross movement in the Free Republic of Verdis Information regarding the creation of the Verdis Red Cross can be found here: We look forward to closely working with the Verdis Red Cross in assisting with humanitarian […]

Verdis celebrates Foundation Day

30/05/2023 On behalf of the Verdisian Government, we’d like to wish everyone a happy Foundation Day! More information on the anniversary website. As part of the celebrations to Foundation Day, we have now introduced important changes to Verdis’ pathway to citizenship process and released e-Residency.

National website re-designed

09/05/2023 We have re-designed our national website and upgraded the content to make the site faster, more quality, and easier to navigate. If you encounter any bugs while navigating or would like to provide any general feedback, please contact us at [email protected] Verdisian Government

Congratulations to His Majesty, King Charles III

06/05/2023 On behalf of Verdis’ government and the people, we send our congratulations to His Majesty King Charles III on his coronation as the sovereign of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms. The Free Republic of Verdis and its people wish him a long and prosperous reign. We look forward to strengthening our ties […]